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Gear list

Terry - lead guitar

Mk1. Mesa Boogie reissue
Vox AC30 combo 1964 (two)
Mesa Boogie v twin preamp
Boss fx pedals

Fender Strat, 'modified' 2004
Fender Strat plus 1995
Fender Telecaster 40th anniversary 1992
Orville 'by Gibson' Les Paul std 1996
Yamaha SG1000 1976
Burns short scale jazz 1964
PRS Custom 22 2005

Will - guitars


Fender Telecaster Custom 1976
Fender Custom shop 'Custom Classic' Strat 2006
Fender Custom shop 'Custom Deluxe' Tele 2008
Fender C.I.J '52 reissue Tele 2007
Godin flat 5 X semi acoustic 2003
Ovation Celebrity electric acoustic 1993


Fender Super Sonic 60W valve combo 2009
Fender Blues Junior Tweed 15W valve combo 2006
Marshall AS50R acoustic combo 2006


Ibanez Tube screamer
Boss chorus

Ian - drums

Ludwig Classic kit (Pink Champagne finish (1977)
(snare from late 60s)

Zildjian Ride 20 inch
Sabian Crash 17 inch
Paiste Crash 18 inch
Paiste Medium Ride 18 inch
Zildjian 14 inch High Hats
New addition Slingerland kit in Champagne Sparkle

Viv - vocals

Studiomaster Powerhouse 8-2 mixer desk
RDL PA amp
Peavey Hi-Sys front of house speakers
Carlsboro monitor wedges
Shure SM58s and Shure SM57 mics

Phil - bass

Gallien Krueger Backline 115
Roland Bass Cube
Boss Bass Chorus pedal
Boss Octave pedal

Wal fretless bass
Fender Jazz bass 1966